James Anderson Jr.’s Managed Websites List

If you have ever wondered just how many websites I manage and/or have control over, their statuses, and their respective URL addresses on the Web, you have come to the right place!

The list below details the sites owned, managed, or otherwise controlled by my team and/or me, either directly or indirectly, and is intended to be used for reference and informational purposes only*.

Please remember that due to frequent changes outside of my control, this list is neither guaranteed to be 100% complete nor accurate at any given time. However, as time permits, I'll do my very best to keep it as maintained and ‘up-to-date’ as possible now and into the future.

Count : ( 26 ) 


The list above is not intended to make it easier to maliciously plan, or carry out cyberattacks on me, or my teams’ data centers, networks, servers, computers, or any other third-party services used by us, or any of our websites. If you are planning such attacks, please be FULLY AWARE in advance that there are security measures in place to thwart such nefarious attacks, and openly reveal the perpetrator, quickly! So, you WILL GET CAUGHT; possibly even while you are still in the process of hacking away at the crime scene. So please, do not cry us a river when you are sitting in a prison cell agonizing in regret, because we have thoroughly forewarned you; even accepting the possibility of scaring our honest visitors away, just to forewarn you of the serious inclement danger you would be in, should you choose to act unwisely.

Please also note, that with the exception of reasonably extenuating circumstances, we always prosecute to the fullest extent applicable by local, state, and federal law.
We have a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy for malicious online hacking and cracking!

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