James Anderson Jr.’s Résumé

James Anderson Jr. (35)

Hi! I’m James Allen Anderson Jr., and this is my official online résumé. I graduated from E.A. Laney High School, in Wilmington, NC, USA, in 2002. I held my first job at Big Lots from 2002 – 2003. Then shortly after graduating High School, I delivered newspapers for Star-News in Wilmington, NC, and continued that job until 2004. That’s when I moved to Raleigh, NC, to take some classes at ECPI College of Technology (now ECPI University). While I was at school part-time, I took on a part-time job at Harris Teeter, working to hopefully move into a new apartment nearby. Well, I left school prematurely, after 3 semesters (approx. 1 year), and left Harris Teeter to come back to my hometown, Wilmington, NC. I discovered ECPI wasn’t actually an accredited school at the time, and so I could not apply for funding. Since then, I’ve started repairing and maintaining computers, as a part-time job. Later, I graduated from Cape Fear Community College, with full honors, and started volunteering my time to help those in my local community with computer illiteracy.

My career goal is to help make owning and using technology easier for low to moderate income families, and give the experience of the PC and Internet, to every family that wishes to communicate over the World Wide Web.

Educational Qualifications

E.A. Laney High School 1998 – 2002 Awarded Diploma  Graduated High School

ECPI College of Technology (now ECPI University)  2004 – 2005

Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) 2008 – 2012  Graduated Community College

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Positions I have held

Big Lots - Sales Associate (Furniture Department) 2002 – 2003

Wilmington Star-News - Morning Delivery 2003 – 2004

Harris Teeter - Seafood Clerk- 2004 – 2005

Professional Web Developer - 2006 – present

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Degrees and Certifications

CET Web Development Certificate - Cape Fear Community College - Dec 2010  Awarded Certificate  View Web Development Certificate

CET Networking Certificate - Cape Fear Community College - May 2012  Awarded Certificate  View Networking Certificate

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Honors and Awards

Phi Theta Kappa (Φ Θ Κ) - Honor Society - April 2010  PTK Honor Society Member  View PTK Induction Award

President’s Award - Cape Fear Community College - Dec 2010  President's Award Recipient  View President's Award

President’s Award - Cape Fear Community College - May 2012  President's Award Recipient  View President's Award

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What I’m doing now

I design and manage small to large-scale websites for customers and I undertake new web development projects on an appointment basis. I build upgrade and repair PC’s out of my privately-owned local shop, and perform routine maintenance on these devices after servicing, to ensure proper operation and performance. I also maintain a part-time eBay business, selling micro-computer electronic devices, online, during my spare time. I’ve been selling on eBay for 12 years.

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Professional Experience

Maintain the operation of office workstations, and servers (software & hardware) for a locally-owned Home Health Care firm as an IT technician.

PC ( laptops & desktops ) Upgrade, Repair, & Maintenance.

Professional Web Page/Site Design, Development, & Deployment.

Graphics Design, Image Editing, Illustrations & Artwork.

Professional Desktop Publishing (via Microsoft Publisher & Microsoft Word ).

TeamViewer Remote Technical Assistance.

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Computer Skills

PC Upgrade, Repair, and Maintenance  PC Upgrade, Repair, and Maintenance skills

Microsoft Office Productivity Suite ( Incl. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher ) – 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019  Microsoft Office Productivity Suite skills

Advanced Java ProgrammingAdvanced Java Programming skills

Professional Web DevelopmentProfessional Web Development skills

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How to contact me

Call James Anderson Jr. via Google

My office is (temporarily omitted), in Wilmington, NC, USA, and my email address is My Skype Get Skype username is : jamesandersonjr. If you are contacting me regarding a job offering, or full-time employment opportunities, please use this form. It’s much faster!!
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